At Pololi (Hawaiian for ‘hungry’), the poké is made fresh by the #PololiCrew throughout the day and served chilled, just the way the ohana (Hawaiian for ‘family’) like it.

With a repertoire of more than 30 different poké flavors, Pololi serves six different flavors daily on a bed of brown rice, white rice, salad, or any combination.


KAI by Pololi is all about celebrating you and all of your discerning tastebuds! There’s nothing better than having things your way.

With KAI by Pololi, you can choose from over 50 high-quality ingredients to create the perfect poké bowl for you!

If it’s too much trouble, you can also pick one of Kai’s Surf Grub.

No trip to Hawaii is complete without at least a BBQ party with friends, this is why Pololi is bringing the wholesome luau (Hawaiian for ‘party’) to you.

At BLAZED, our #PololiOhana can now get their favorite Hawaiian BBQ meal anytime they want. Grilled to perfection, Flyin’ High chicken, Sticky Icky Ribs and Killer Sticks will take you back to your island vacation. Shaka on brahs!